Save 1011 2nd Avenue

We work to defend the land at 1011 2nd Ave in Troy NY from a proposed large-scale development. This land is a historically and culturally significant site for the Mahican Indigenous Peoples of the Mahicantuck River Valley (now know as the Hudson River Valley). This land — one of the last undeveloped waterfront properties in Troy — also provides a critical access to the water of the Hudson for the local communities, serves as important green space for the community and serves ecological refuge.

This site has been used by people for thousands of years, and includes pre-historic archeological artifacts that show the site's use by communities as early as 1600-3000 B.C.

Amongst the artifacts that have been found are countless significant ones of members of the Mahican peoples, but also important finds ranging back to prehistoric times. The site was used by the Mahican people as a quarry and tool making site. The site was also identified as the location of semi-permanent and potentially permanent settlements. Some of the studies also mention strong indications for burial sites.

1011 2nd Avenue is currently threatened by a major development project, and we collaborate with the local community group "Friends of the Mahicantuck" and Schaghticoke First Nations to protect the land. 

Our Role: We support this effort through research, communications, campaign management and organizing expertise. In this role, we helped mobilize expert testimony, provided outreach material and organized community members and expert participants during public hearings of the city council, planning board and planning commission. 

The Center for Climate Communities

The C3 Center for Climate Communities is a bi-partisan public benefit organization that seeks to promote transformative climate aciton driven by local communities and unfolding across all scales. 


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