It fills a research gap by focusing on cliamte adaptation in rural and agricultural communities. Climate escalations are a risk to public health, livestock, crops, and economies. This study examines two different approaches to rural adaptation (Austria and New York). While rural communities in each place face similar climate-related challenges, there are crucial differences in the roles that rural landowners take within environmental and climate change governance. This study compares the adaptation measures that are taking shape in two places to understand how national and state-level policies interact with local cultures and values to create distinctive approaches. The study will lead to recommendations and best practice examples that will be of interest to emergency planners, policy makers, local governments, and rural residents.

This project was completed (report and findings will be posted soon).

The Center for Climate Communities

The C3 Center for Climate Communities is a bi-partisan public benefit organization that seeks to promote transformative climate aciton driven by local communities and unfolding across all scales. 


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