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Training & Education

training opportunities for all ages and audiences

We help train future and current leaders in and of our communities. We offer a broad array of practical, strategic and outcomes-oriented training opportunitites to schools (K-12), local community groups, NGOs, municpal and other governmental entitites and businesses that prioritize community impact.

Training and Course Topic Exaples:

  • Understanding Climate Change and Taking Action
  • Community (Self-)Organizing 101
  • Developing Community-Centered Solutions
  • Can I do that? How everyone can lead the change in their community


Municipal and State Support

Our expertise helps government entities.

Our services are focused on supporting municipalities and other entities in sustainability and equity transitions.

We offer a broad portfolio of consulting, process and project support to municipalities and other governmental entities, as they seek sustainability, cliamte change, resiliency and green development opportunities. We support through:

  • Grant writing
  • Process development and implementation
  • Project design and execution
  • Operations optimization

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The Center for Climate Communities

The C3 Center for Climate Communities is a bi-partisan public benefit organization that seeks to promote transformative climate aciton driven by local communities and unfolding across all scales. 


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